basement9 is a social concept designed to bring like minded people together. It is a catalyst to encourage new ideas and create a network for people.  We stimulate conversation over good food and music, creating a comfortable casual atmosphere that is not found in a restaurant or a bar.

We realize that it is difficult to meet new people as we are so wrapped up in our daily lives with work and other responsibilities. We stick to the things we know and don’t usually venture out. At basement9 people have the opportunity to expand their horizons, meet and interact with people from different socio, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

basement9 is not a restaurant nor is it a dating service.  It is a fun creative mash up of people, ideas, music and food. We see it as bringing a little bit of a different flavor to Salzburg. Our special ingredient is the team and the joy that we share in doing each of our sessions. We now also promote talent in Salzburg in the form of music and art as there are so many aspiring and talented artists in the city and basement9 serves as a platform for them to share their creativity.